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Extension Master Food Volunteer

2021 Pie & Cake Tasting Contest

1. Entries must be turned in at the contest site (outdoor stage) between 11:30am-1:30pm on the day of the event.
2. Items must be entered in the name of the person who made them
3. A recipe or complete list of ingredients must be included with each entry (for allergy & safety purposes)
4. One (1) cake or one (1) pie must be submitted for each entry
5. This contest is intended for amateur bakers. Professional bakers or those who earn a livelihood from baking or cooking may not enter the contest.
6. Each pie or cake must be made from scratch you may NOT use store bought cake mixes, pie fillings or crusts
7. Entries must be delivered in disposable or non-returnable plates or pans
8. A registration form must be filled out for each entry with $5.00 per-entry donation
9. All entries become the property of Extension Master Food Volunteer Program and the portion not used for judging may be used for good with donations for the public to taste as part of the event.
10. By entering, you give our permission to have your photo taken & used for future promotional materials, including the Chowan County Cooperative Extension website


• Fruit – primary filling is fruit
• Pumpkin
• Nuts – nuts are the primary flavoring
• Sweet potato – sweet potato or yam filling
• Custard/Cream

• Chocolate – uses any form of chocolate as the primary flavoring
• Non chocolate – uses ingredients other than chocolate or fruit as the primary flavoring
• Fruit – uses fruit as primary flavoring


• Trophy will be awarded for best overall cake and pie
• Ribbons will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each category

• Flavor, texture, doneness and overall appearance
o For pies, criteria include crust color, texture and flavor
• Each judge assigns a numerical value (1-9) without consultation with the other judges
• The pie or cake receiving the highest total numerical value is the winner in the category
• The decision of the judges is final. Judges will not know contestant names
• We ask that participants be present during judging to award prizes

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