Audiences are introduced to the wonders of "Down Under" as they interact with several different species or pouched animals such as kangaroos, wallabies and walleroos. Also offered are other native Australian wildlife including lizards and birds such as the kookaburra, a rainbow lorikeet and bearded and frill dragons. As you wonder throughout the educational and interactive areas, you will learn about native Australian art, musical instruments and other animals found only in Australia! Aussie Kingdom offers this opportunity of a lifetime, along with an ongoing display of the animals throughout the day.

Pig Racing at its finest!  Pot Belly Pigs, Pot Belly Pig Guinea Hog Crosses, Fainting Goats, and Magpie Ducks. Everyone we be on their feet to see Spamatariat go head to hock against Swine-O-War, Ham Biscuit, and Seattle Stew. From the moment they leave the starting gate until they head back up the ramp you will be entertained.

What comes off as entertaining and fun today may save a life in the future. Throughout the show the audience is encouraged to cheer on our new trainees, as the shows activities become a friendly competition between our volunteer firefighters.  The winner or team that wins our competition is our 1st place team and as a reward they get to climb tower one and aim its water cannon at which ever part of the audience they feel wasn't cheering them on during the earlier events. The show ends with our fire tower water cannon shot. 

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